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Friday, November 2, 2007 ; 6:08 AMY
Love me like you always do.


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A Boi..

A Boi WhO RelI LoVe Her AlOt And ThE HeR Is ThE 1 I've eveR LoVe BefOrE.. Can Say EvEn MoRe DeN HeR 2nD SteAd..Cos PaSt Is PasT. Now She's The One I nEedeD The MosT.. I Now Can Say That No One Can ReplaCe YoU FoR SuRe!I PROMISE!But ProMiSe YoU Won'T LeaVe Me ThE ThiCe TimE alRigHt?i ProMisE To LoVe You Till You Dun'T LoVe mE..LoVe..

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